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DNP 919 Healthcare Policy and Law

DNP 926 Program Planning and Evaluation

DNP 948 Evidence-Based Practice

DNP 960 Scholarly Project I

DNP 961 Scholarly Project II

DNP 962 Scholarly Project III

EDD 915 Outcomes of Health Care in a Global Society

EDD 921 Doctoral Seminar II

EDD 937 Curriculum and Program Development and Assessment

GR 798 Essentials of Scholarly Writing

GR 847 Applied Statistics

NS 803 Health Care Delivery Systems and Managed Care

NS 805 Application and Evaluation of Theory in Nursing

NS 807 Theories and Concepts of Advanced Practice Roles

NS 812 Research Design and Methods

NS 813 Research Design and Methods II

NS 827 Teaching and Learning Strategies for the Nurse Educator

NS 830 Advanced Physical Assessment

NS 832 Primary Health Care I

NS 835 Foundations of Psychiatric-Mental Health

NS 838 Advanced Pathophysiology

NS 844 Primary Health Care II

NS 856 Introduction to Psychiatric Mental Health Concepts

NS 890 Nurse Educator Transition to Practice